1/4 Richmond Avenue, Cremorne

$900,000 in just 3½ years

I had sold this property to Anne at auction in February 2013 for $778,300. At the time this was $178,300 over reserve and we thought the market was crazy! In the short time, Anne did an incredible renovation and helped restore the whole building. This certainly paid off for her on Auction day!

It’s what they say that counts

“A shining star in the universe!

Well, I can only say “The world is a better place for Shabina being in it” Shabina is absolutely dedicated to doing the right thing for her clients.

Nothing escapes her attention and she has the most upright respect for her client’s wishes.

My advice is just hand your home over to her and give her a free reign to do what she does best -“SELL” Shabina will go the extra mile to cross the finishing line and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Thank you Shabina I am smiling!!!”

Anne Busteed
1/4 Richmond Avenue, Cremorne

Marketing the property

The property was prepared for sale and a strong auction campaign commenced to reach maximum exposure

Price quoted:
$1,400,000 - $1,500,000

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