6/46 Harriette Street, Neutral Bay

The power of relationships

I had previously sold a property for Eng and was delighted when he wanted me to sell another property for him.

He took on advice of doing everything possible to maximise a sale and it proved to be a successful formula yet again.

Beautiful Presentation + Savvy Marketing + Strong Negotiation = A building record in just 3 weeks!

Now let’s add another element to this formula, + Relationships

Catriona had previously purchased a property from me and she was ready to buy again. As soon as this apartment hit the market, I knew it was the one for her.

Through competition and the strength of my relationship with the buyer, we were able to negotiate a fantastic result for Eng. For me, this is the ultimate scenario, helping both the owner and buyer achieve a property dream!

Marketing the property

The property was prepared for sale and a strong campaign commenced to reach maximum exposure:

Price quoted:

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